How It Works

With a nominated “Park Expert” to your journey from start to finish, we will help you find the perfect park and acquisition. We will carefully hand pick and present to you the most fitting parks, in correspondence with your search criteria. From the first phone call, to the brew in your new van or park home, we will be by your side to ensure we get you the very best deal on your next acquisition.

We will ensure that;

We find you a reputable and trusted park operator.

You get the best deal possible by helping with negotiations if you need us to.
We are by your side to examine and review the parks licence and legalities.

You can’t always rely on sales information or stories. Thus, our experienced team within the leisure industry is an independent service that will always look after you, no matter what. This will equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure your next holiday or park home acquisition is joyful and stress free.

1. Introduction phone call to understand your request, including likes, dislikes and budget

2. We speak with the park Operators we think would be a match to your brief and see what they have on site at that given time

3. We then present the park options to you

4. We meet you at the park when it comes to the viewing – representing you, helping with paperwork and ensuring you get the best deal physically possible from the park

5. You now sit back, relax and enjoy your new van or park home